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In reference to the order of Prisoner episodes, I find "Checkmate" to be the best ep to watch after "Arrival". If you own the videos or the DVD collection the second episode is always "The Chimes Of Big Ben" which I find fairly ludicrous as "T.C.O.B.B." shows number 6 being at ease within the village and more receptible to number 2 (played with admirable joviality by Leo McKern). In "Checkmate" number 6 retains a lot of his finnicky and jumpy characteristics from "Arrival", he also continues the odd trait of vigourously rubbing his fingers together when in deep thought.
On an utterly different tack, Number 6 is not definitely number 1. "Fallout" (the last episode) deliberately leaves more questions than answers, WHY? So that idiots like us would discuss well beyond its years. Utter genius!
Be Seeing You,
Phil Stark (The new number 2)

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