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Dark Side of the Goon

Entry: HAWKWIND - A704035
Author: Gradient - U181676

All comments gratefully received.

A704035 - HAWKWIND

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Hiya, smiley - ok

Good to see a piece on this classic band. Not a huge fan myself, but I am familiar with this lot. I know more about them now, though; thanks. smiley - cheers

Their later career reminds me a lot of Spinal Tap. smiley - laugh

You need to do some work on the text, though. There are a lot of typos in there, so I won't start listing them or anything.

You might like to link to this entry on Space Rock - A538535

Just out of interest, there is also an unedited entry on the Grateful Dead at A602830. Just a related thought. smiley - smiley

Good luck with this, it should be able to go into the guide with a bit of polishing. smiley - ok


A704035 - HAWKWIND

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Dark Side of the Goon

Thanks for the comments.

I have hopefully fixed the errors, tidied a bit and added some odds and ends.

I will add references to the Space Rock entry, which is preety cool.
I will also see if I can link a few names. Maybe there's room out there for Bob Calvert as a seperate entry...

A704035 - HAWKWIND

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Okay, I just read it.
I'm going to print it out tomorrow and go over it.
There are a few reiterations and style thingies.
I like what I've heard of the band and I like this entry.

You need to go into Dave Brock's bio a little.

I wonder if anyone's written a 'Uriah Heep' entry. The two bands are linked in my mind somehow.
And with Micheal Moorcock, who also claims to have played with them at some early point, there is also a connection to Blue Oyster Cult, who also share some stylistic similarities.

It would be interesting to have a lineup for the first incarnation. If I missed it, I'm sorry.

I thought the band, at some point, developed an anti-drug stance?

A704035 - HAWKWIND

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

I have not forgotten you. I have just been a bit busy.
I am printing it out now.

A704035 - HAWKWIND

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

'led' singer....

Um, do you hope to eventually take this through Peer Review or do you wish it to remain an artifact of your enthusiasm, kind of a 'fan' letter to the world?

If the first, then there is work to be done.
If the second, I'd just read it aloud to the cat or the mirror a few times, clean up the few remaining sniggly glitches and leave most of it as it is. It works just fine as a 'gush' and I like it that way.

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