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If the universe is infinite, then im "a" center, 21+4^1+8+9=42

I think that a parallel universe is created everytime we come upon a disition no matter how big or small so when you think of all the thing that you could do at any point in time its becomes alot, because you could move any part of your body in any direction, think any though or say anything so this would mean that their could be a universe that is exactly the same as ours except that at the point of me writing this i dicided to look to the left a bit, this might make no difernce what so ever but on the other hand i might creak my neck and it remains injured for sevaral days and tomorow when i cross the road i might not be able to look for cars and i would cross and get killed, that is just one of the trillions of things that i could do and become parallel universes and of couse you have to think of game theory in which the actions of one person can affect the lives of many like if Saddam decides to fire his nukes or not and if he does, to what countries, so there are infinite number of parallel universes getting created every second.

Tell me what you think of my theory please

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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

Yes, I agree. The parallel universe theory is actually a quantum theory. This means, in scientific terms, that a parallel universe isn't created every time a human has a choice, it's actually when individual sub-atomic particles have a choice.

All you have to do is think of parallel electronic circuits. This is where electricity flows through a circuit where there are branches off the wires. Electricity is actually made of electrons, and electrons are sub-atomic particles. Therefore, when they reach a branch in the circuit they have a quantum decision to make ("do I go left, right or straight on?") It's when they make this decision that a parallel universe is made with the other possibilities.

However, since everything is made of sub-atomic particles, including humans, our brain messages also have a choice of where to go in a similar way, and therefore create parallel universes. Considering how small sub-atomic particles are, and how many science experiments have been set up in schools to demonstrate parallel circuits, you can see very quickly how the number of parallel universes just grows and grows and grows.

In short: yes, I agree.

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If the universe is infinite, then im "a" center, 21+4^1+8+9=42

if the brain is made up of subatomic particles then does that mean they choose what we think? and a if the choice they made was differnt we would think differntly creating parallel universes?

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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

Well, subatomic particles in our brain can't choose what we think because subatomic particles don't have brains to think and decide with (if they did then their brains would contain subatomic particles that would contain brains that would contain subatomic particles...).

Just imagine the decision that you have: 'Shall I extend my right leg outward, or my left leg?' If you decide to extend your right leg outward then a signal made of subatomic particles (everything is made of them) will be sent down your leg. In the period of time where you hadn't decided, it corresponds to a subatomic particle having the decision of going to the left leg or the right leg, just like in parallel electric circuits.

I think that's right. Anyway, I have an infinite number of other things to say about parallel universes, and I have posted some of them to the conversations on your home page, so please read them and tell me what you think!

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