Parallel Universes

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These are strange and complex entities. Many scientists have been working out if and how other universes can, do and will exist in synchrony with our own.

Recently, the BBC showed a program charting scientist’s theories as to all the different universes, which I thought, having thought about it logically, was a load of balls. This is a theory I thrashed with a couple of friends, thanks to you, Alex and Jade.

The Theory is this. Every time we make a decision, where our lives could be altered drastically, a new universe is born. I.e. if there are a choice of two sandwiches and one is ham and the other chicken, in one universe you go for the ham and everything’s ok, but in the other where you choose chicken, contract Salmonella, which alters your worldview to that of intense paranoia as to how fragile our grip is on life and you go and join a bizarre group of monks/nuns.

In all these universes, therefore, anything and everything can, has and will be have been going to have happened, has happened. thus my theory is, to all these universes is that they exist on a different plane to ours. The universes are all slightly out of phase, vibrating differently.

Think of them as thin rubber sheets, all suspended above each other, but an incredibly small distance apart. Then imagine a huge weight, say a bowling ball is place on the top. it plunges thought the layers, because of the force of gravity. This is my theory, the intense gravity essentially punctures the fabric of each universe, forming a black hole.

This would make travel through to other universes relatively simple. We puncture a hole in space time, but the problem is this, that the occupants of the vessel would arrive in a universe where they, as a collective, are different. They may have taken a different career choice or lifestyle.

This also means that there are billions of universes being born every minute. But since it is assumed that an even greater number are disappearing, this is no bad thing.

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