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corrections bring freedom
The what? Roving Bands of Delinquent Proofreaders?

Yes, we comprise the Roving Band of Delinquent Proofreaders. We have taken it upon our selves to try to correct the injustices done the english language on H2G2. Many of the users on H2G2 are good and don't post a huge amount of typos, but for those who do, beware. We will simply leave you a little posting explaining your errors. And I quote, (from the founder) "English is something to be respected, our language has seen many revisions, but the current edition should be upheld."
Members (staff)
To date our list of members is small.

    Doug Pratty, Founder

  • Acting President, (unfilled)
Proceedure for Correcting Researcher Errors
Right since we have undertaken this rather large task of mantaining the English language, we should have a standard proceedure for the correction of grammatical errors. (This is just a prototype, feel free to comment on it.)

Subject of Post: Struck by a DP

First line: What's a DP goto A691698.

Tell them their errors.

And end with your position inside the RB of DP.

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