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This is not so much a news report but and article on the early days of HHGG.

As one of the earliest Researchers to join h2g2 in the days of TDV or h2g2.com, I can remember others such as Ginger who arranged the first meet up with a game of Soft Ball. I am unable to report on any of the meets as working up to 9pm on Saturdays has made it impossible for me get to London in time. Shazz and Pastey have been to them all so I will let them do the meet up reports.

I started two weeks after the Famous interview of DNA on Tomorrows World, the site was so inundated it was bought to a stand-still, so I waited a while before joining in the fun. Like many newbies I used the search engine to find something familiar. I Know ! PARSNIPS.
There was this article reporting how they just lay there on the plate
disguised as mash potatoes. This was written by some one called Jim Lynn. I wonder what ever
happened to him! smiley - smiley

I pretended to be from the planet vegitaria and took offence to humans eating my relations smiley - blush.
The forum is no longer available to be viewed since the move to the BBC as many of the early forums remain unmoderated and unlikely now to be reinstated... unless you are in the know and know otherwise.

Jim Lynn and his team made DNA's idea a reality helped by Researchers like Ginger (the first to marry another Researcher), Shazz, Pastey, Peta (before she was an italic), Mad Munk (h2g2s first Researcher Guru), Fenchurch, Zachsmind, John the Gardener and Monsy.
I could go on as many of these and more helped mould h2g2 into the great site it is today.

The Towers listened and incorporated many Researchers' ideas with their own and converted the site to its present format. I have nothing but praise for the Towers, they had a lot to put up with and managed to come out on top.

Further changes were to come when Mark Moxon joined the team followed by Anna and Peta oh and, of course, Abi moved ranks from Researcher to Deputy Community Editor. Bruce became the site Guru and still works hard keeping Researchers informed on GuideML.

So many have helped to shape h2g2, from one big mans dream.
Sadly, Douglas Adams died last year but not before he saw that his dream would not die. The BBC took h2g2 and made it their own and although there were changes (not to everyones liking), DNA is most likely up there somewhere with his laptop, logged on to his page and checking all the details. RIP Douglas from thousands of thankful Researchers.

May h2g2 live long and prosper and be free from vogons. Thanks to
Shazz and Pastey's work and efforts over The Post's 100 editions.

Catcha soon on h2g2.


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