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improvised weapons

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The best zombie attacking weapon is one which can be used infinitely and doesn’t require ammo, but at the same time you need to keep your distance.
Such weapons are long swords, they don’t require ammo or fuel but you can swing from a distance to chop zombie’s heads off. Swords are not easy to come by so a broom stick can have a similar effect.
You could also make your own weapon for example, if you find your self in the kitchen grab a broom stick or mop and a sharp knife, snap the end off the broom so your left with the stick and tie the knife to the end and hey presto.
You can now swing your knife around stabbing and slashing at a safe distance.

If you find your self in a supermarket filled with body munching zombies then you might want a more agile weapon such as a swinging mace, but as always these are hard to come by, so lets think about this... your in a supermarket, surely there is a section of kitchen knives, brooms and cables.
But how to get there: zombies are not the most quick to respond creatures and the slightest slip and they will fall on the floor so grab as many bottles and objects and throw/pour on the floor; you could also try ramming into them with a trolley, combine this with a slippery floor and you could have yourself a game of bowls.

improvised weapons

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The Professor

I''m rather partial to shovels myself. Everyone has one, and they can be sharpened without too much trouble.

The Professor
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improvised weapons

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Quite frankly i don't think it'll work mate.
1st Melee weapons tend to get worn, dull, and break.
2nd Swords and such can be caught in a zombie, not that the crowd of zombies care.
3rd Melee weapons can only kill so fast, not good against the swarms of zombies in movies that just happen to not eat each other and want your blood.
4th I suggest something with range and lots of ammo, if im in some civil war african country, america, or china which makes 80% of the bullets used to kill civilians i'll use a rifle. If not something like a pressurized flamethrower that can kill alot in a short time(petrol is not recommended but nor is dinner for necros ) , the gas will be easyto get but you'll need a heavy petrol-pump. At worst i'll hole myself up in a hardware store, barricade it, and wait to die like they do in dawn of the dead.

improvised weapons

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last case scenario - Aerosol deoderant + matches/lighter = flamethrower.

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