The h2g2 Post Emoticon Competition!

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At last! A chance for you all to reveal yourselves!

The h2g2 Post is proud to announce, in conjunction with The Towers, a new competion which offers you the chance to display not only how photogenic you are but also how imaginative.

Every month The Post will pick an emoticon from the vast range available on h2g2. All you have to do is have a picture taken of yourself posing as the subject matter.

As with any competition there have to be rules and regulations.

The Rules

  • The photograph must be of yourself, not of a friend, relative or family pet although group pictures of h2g2ers is allowed.
  • It must not include anything which may completely cover the face... paper bags, newspapers etc, although simple props may be used.
  • It may be edited... but not beyond recognition please!
  • It should not break the code of conduct of h2g2.
  • It should be submitted as either a jpeg or gif, sadly bitmaps not accepted.
  • It should be kept to a reasonable size. A 5MB photograph won't make it through my email!

How to Enter

Simple! Send your entry in to shazzPRME on [email protected] Please mark the subject line as 'Smiley Competition'.

Make sure that you include your user name and number and also which emoticon you are portraying.

The Prizes

Three winning entries will be picked. Their pictures will be displayed in The Post and also be made available for viewing on their own space.

Winners will be picked on the basis of originality and sense of fun. The judges decision is final.

This Month

This time we will extend the competition to two months to give everyone time to pose at the next h2g2 London Meet taking place at the end of January. The list to choose from is as follows:

smiley - aleAle
smiley - stiffdrinkStiffdrink
smiley - ojOJ
smiley - bubblyBubbly
smiley - stoutStout
smiley - hangoverHangover
smiley - drunkDrunk
smiley - teaTea
smiley - cappuccinoCappuccino
smiley - coffeeCoffee
smiley - cheersCheers

All entries should be received by 28.02.02 for inclusion in the first 'Post' of March


31.01.02. Front Page

24.01.02. Front Page

17.01.02. Front Page

Back Issue Page

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