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am I abnormal...?!

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I thought about a green spade. Does that make me abnormal???? (probably!!)

am I abnormal...?!

Post 2

Go-Go Girl

It makes you about as normal(?) as most of the other h2g2 researchers
smiley - winkeye

am I abnormal...?!

Post 3


Bit of a weird lot then, eh?!

am I abnormal...?!

Post 4

Go-Go Girl

And how! smiley - weird

am I abnormal...?!

Post 5

You can call me TC

The first time someone tried this on me, I knew you were supposed to think of a red hammer so I said "blue" and "screwdriver".

Why the sums, though?

am I abnormal...?!

Post 6


I thought of an electric drill and the colour red. Does this mean that I'm 50% normal? smiley - weirdsmiley - online2long

Perhaps the numbers are a ploy to make us pi**ed off and hence see red and want to smash something with a hammer? smiley - tongueout

I thought of a drill, which made me think of an accident with a drill and lots of red blood... smiley - vampire

am I abnormal...?!

Post 7


gosh I came up with pink wrench...how odd is that
smiley - erm

am I abnormal...?!

Post 8


I got green spade too, does that mean we're equally wierd!

am I abnormal...?!

Post 9

Alienfromearth,The Thingite Who Reads Stuff, Keeper Of The Daft Bananas

I got an orange saw smiley - erm
smiley - schooloffish
smiley - spork

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