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red wrench

Post 1

cloughie(Patron Saint of Flying Pigs)stop by my barbecue! A520318

I thought of a red wrench, what does it MEAN!!! smiley - headhurts

red wrench

Post 2


I thought of a blue hammer, but I'm pretty sure it was the classic goo background colour that inspired my colour choice. Do people who take this test in Alab****r get different answers, I wonder?


red wrench

Post 3


I just did the test now, and got Red Wrench!
Actually I went:
"Wrench. Red. No wait, green, _everyone's_ gonna say red."
So It's a red wrench if I'm being honest.
Still.. cool! I guess we are the same psychological type or something.

red wrench

Post 4


oooh i thought of a red spade!!
so wot does that make ME?? smiley - yikes

dunno if i really wanna know!! smiley - weird

red wrench

Post 5


I had an orange-with-a-tint-of-blue wrench...

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