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Hello and welcome yet again to another MaW's Musings. I'm back at University, and many exciting and interesting developments have occurred, some of which I would like to share with you. So without further ado, in we go, and we start with...

The Official Winter 2002 Party

Further details about places and times have been released, and the activity for the afternoon will be a photo scavenger hunt! As always, pop along to the official page and make your voice heard if you want to go, as it's nice to give the Towers some idea of how many groups they'll need to provide cameras for. The whole event is bound to be noisy (we're meeting in a pub this time, not just finishing in one) and rather mad, so if you're of a sane disposition- hang on, if you're sane, why are you reading this column? Go away!

Oh yes, the page is here.

Delia's How To Cook Part Three

This reassuring series began tonight on BBC2 with some words on saucepans, casserole dishes and cutlery. Yet again, Dela is endorsing a particular kind of pan, and no doubt it won't be long before the shops are sold out. However, those who might accuse her of blatent commercialism should consider that good cooking equipment isn't easy to come by, and she really seems to have our best interests at heart. After all, a non-stick coating that's tough enough to bake in the oven, use over a high heat and which can survive metal utensils has to be worth serious investigation. Nobody likes it when bits of Teflon flake off into the food.

On the cooking side of things, Delia continued to be Delia and presented her recipes in her calm and reassuring manner. I wouldn't cook most of them, and certainly I would want my beef more done than she has it1, but there's something undeniably good about sitting back and watching her cook. She is far more calming than many TV chefs, and while I could be noted for my liking of Nigella Lawson's style2, her recipes tend to be a little on the lavish side, while Delia's are far closer to the kind of thing that I actually cook every day.


I recently acquired a copy of Alicia Keys' album Songs in A Minor. I've been pretty keen on getting this since I first heard her recent single Fallin', which I found to be tremendously uplifting in a curious kind of way, because the lyrics aren't particularly positive. In fact, some of it could be seen as downright depressing. It's the musical style, though, which takes the song beyond those implications in the lyrics and brings it to what is, for me, a high note.

The rest of the album is similarly feel-good in style. The introductory track Piano & I is simple vocals, not all of them sung, over an arrangement of a terribly famous classical piece I don't know the name of3 played on the piano by Keys herself, who seems to do that a lot throughout the album, and she clearly possesses a fair amount of talent on the instrument as well as with her clear and powerful vocals.

Other tracks of note on the album include Girlfriend and Jane Doe, both of which cover the usual ground of jealously harboured by a woman for her man. Thankfully, it's done in an interesting way, and the music is both interesting and enjoyable. It's also excellent for cooking to and comes highly recommended.

That is all for this week. I don't know what I will write about next week, so why don't you come along then and find out?


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1Which is brown on the outside, but wobbly and with spurts of red emerging when cut to reveal a very wet and squishy pink centre.2Her book How To Be A Domestic Goddess is written in a way which I can instantly understand, although is certainly not for the same audience as Delia's How To Cook, Book Three.3If anyone knows it, please tell me!

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