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the green man

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

Hi Peta,
I'm doing an article for AGG/GAG based on an abandoned entry about the 'green man' myths of the UK. This ancient legend makes a few literary appearances in things like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and I'm trying to bring together all the variations.

Your picture blob of 'the green man' looks like a pedestrian traffic signal. Is it a fair rendition of a typical British pedestrian crosswalk signal? Is it generally called 'the green man'? Are you aware of any connection to the ancient myths?

And, most importantly, where can I find this blob for the article? I tried to test the page to copy and paste it but I get a "page deleted" message.


the green man

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I'm not really here

Peta's not subscribed to this page as far as I can tell jwf.

The blob is here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A426520, and the code to use it is...

If you find another blob you like, you can get all the info you need from the image properties by right clicking it.

To answer your question about pedestrian crossings, no, they don't look exactly like that. Similar, but not quite. (The red man is above the green man.)

It's not associated with the myths of the Green man at all. It just happens to be a green man.

The Green man also appears in pagan religion, as a fertility god.

I'd love to see your entry when you've done it. smiley - smiley

the green man

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

>I'd love to see your entry when you've done it.<
That's what my ex used to say. I found this a refreshing change from the classic 'Is it in yet?'

smiley - cheers for the reply Mina.
A right click and then 'properties' gave me a URL but not quite the same as yours. In any case your GuideML formatting code will be a big help. Thanks.

Any further thoughts on the green man / pagan god would be greatly appreciated. I may 'Askh2g2' for anecdotal reports.

Oh btw I recently mentioned your new identity to the folks at n2g2, wondering out loud, why it is what it is. You can of course say what you like in response there. We are still quite active. In fact, a recent newbie to n2g2 did a count and reported 1100 postings in the past two months from 30 different members, of 83 still registered.

In other Yahoo news, Ottox has created a new 'h2g2Chat at Yahoo'. It is linked from his h2g2 Personal Space which is now decorated with a facsimile of the 'h2g2 is closed' announcement from last January. It was just supposed to be a nostalgic reminder of things past, but so far, 4 of us have actually logged on. smiley - laugh
And vegiman and taliesin have started Area 42 and have 20 members there already for the purpose of their new Area 42 Project!


the green man

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I'm not really here

smiley - ok

the green man

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Andrew Wyld [kt:'Burning Pestle', kp:'Mutamems, Ideodiversity', Zaph.]

The left hand green dude is a French (european generally?) green man, the right hand one is a british one, and yes, they are usually referred to as "the [little] green man".

An hilarious joke about not crossing the road when the little green man is flashing has passed its way into legend, or at least, primary school folklore. As you can imagine, it involves a small green man removing his clothes and another small man running out into the road in reaction and being flattened by a cement truck. The details of the denuding of the small green man are unimportant at this juncture. By the way,


Does this look right to you? (I'm assuming a lot from your use of "crosswalk", but we'll let that pass for a little)

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