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Half Moons and other mysteries

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Mother of God, Empress of the Universe

Tonight, as I lazily backstroked across the tepid pool
the half moon followed me
brilliantly suspended in the twilit sky, all alone,
framed from afar by the rosy fire-edged thunder clouds
which glowed with the same light
that illuminated the moon.

I turned and swam toward it.
It drifted away.
It's playing with me.

I thought about the other half...
the side we can't see.
It's there.
It has weight, an equal weight to the bright side of the moon.
But it's more subtle
and mysterious.

Sometimes we forget that without the hidden mass
the moon would lose its momentum, falter in its path
and there'd be nothing to reflect the light,
to make us believe we can reach
for the stars.

And the twilight sky would be empty
except for the distant glimmerings
in the heavens.

Half Moons and other mysteries

Post 2

a girl called Ben

Every time I read this, I love it. My stuff is so explicit, yours works on so many more layers.

Oh, and I am jealous that you live in a climate where you can swim outdoors at night! smiley - bluesmiley - moon

Take care my dear,


Half Moons and other mysteries

Post 3

Mother of God, Empress of the Universe

And I love your poems because they are so explicit. smiley - smiley The grass is always greener, eh?

Perhaps one day you'll be able to escape to the tropics for a vacation. If you ever make your way into my part of the universe there'll always be a place for you to stay, and you can sample my pool and beach to your hearts content.

smiley - hug

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