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And lo it was written “Oh” said Arthur “Sounds ghastly.”

And it is ghastly, have you ever experienced one of those grey and miserable days when all you want to do is stay in your dressing gown and drink tea, if so then you are part way to being accepted into the Cult of the Dentonites.

We don’t like to call ourselves a cult, because it sounds so sinister, we are more like a visit to your favourite grandparent who has a warm front room with those enveloping chairs. The beloved elder then brings you cake and of course piping hot tea. You plan to stay over, so you slip out of your uncomfortable clothes, into your “jammies” and into your dressing gown, which has been warmed in front of the fire.

This collection of people aims to bring to the rest of the world the joy of slow mornings reading the papers, drinking tea, nibbling toast with easy listening music in the background. The key ingredient of your happiness lies in the comfortable hang of a dressing gown around your body. If you get dressed before lunch then you should not consider membership.


We are always looking for new members, there is a simple entry requirement, write a short essay on why tea or dressing gowns are so important to your life.

We do not reject entry into the cult on the grounds of race, sex or religion, but we do advise the following groups that they may not be welcome, unless they can state to the contrary in their entry essay:

  • Americans – Boston tea party, need I say more.
  • People who would consider a day spent sitting around in their dressing gown a wasted day.
  • Xtreme sport enthusiast (unless the sport is full contact croissant eating)
  • Morning people – you know who you are.

Advancement within the cult

Once accepted, members are ranked as a smiley - tea, for every act of teaism or gownism thereafter members are awarded an additional smiley - tea

Current Members

Nirvana lies at the bottom of the next cup of teaA cup and saucer depicting a picturesque lake scene

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