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Project: Geographic Concepts

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Gordon, Ringer of Bells, Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly

Researcher name: Gordon
Researcher number: U198614
Project index page: A803945
Project title: Geographic Concepts
Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Geography

In geography, there are numerous concepts. The handful I've listed below represent somewhere to start. Ideally, new concepts would be added as time permits over the long term, but I think these are attainable within the six week window.

Because of my background, some of these concepts are used in geographical information systems (GIS), such as Thiessen polygons. However, some of these concepts, such as mental maps, are a personal interest of mine.

Proposed titles:
Thiessen polygons (A794117)
Nearest neighbour
Mental maps
Positional accuracy

Proposed start date: 12 September 2002
Proposed end date: 24 October 2002

Project: Geographic Concepts

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Thanks Gordon, I've added you to the Faculty of Social Sciences, Human Geopgraphy. smiley - ok

Project: Geographic Concepts

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Gordon, Ringer of Bells, Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly

Thanks, Mina!

Could it be put under Physical Geography, rather than Human Geography, or under a more generic category of Geography? Most of these concepts will apply more to physical geographic processes than to human geo. (Also, I'm a physical geographer by training, so I have to ask! smiley - winkeye )

Project: Geographic Concepts

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There isn't a physical geography at the moment - unless I simply can't find it. We are planning a revamp of the Uni soon, and hopefully this will be fixed. Along with a few other problems.

Until then, sorry!

Project: Geographic Concepts

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Gordon, Ringer of Bells, Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly

Sorry for the last minute notice, but I'm going to have to delay my start and finish dates by two weeks. Something's come up in the real world that I need to take care of. smiley - sigh

I'll update my project page to reflect the new dates.

Project: Geographic Concepts

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smiley - ok

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Project: Geographic Concepts - Finished

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Researcher: U198614 - Gordon

Project Page: A803945 - Geographic Concepts (Deleted)

Edited Entries:
A901937 - Thiessen Polygons
A1035118 - Scale


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