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This entry has basically been created for anyone on the site here who wants to participate in any way. If you're a carer, think you might be a carer, have a carer or can in any way construct a sentence about yourself that includes the word 'carer' then pop in and say hello. You can join the exisiting conversations or, if you want, start a new one. Anyone who wants to can subscribe to future conversations and be a potentially respondant with help, advice, symapthy or just a reply. They may also make this site look a little smarter at some point because right now I can't remember how.

So clearly I've done some basic remembering and I thought I nice big red hello would be a good start. I'll probably get it moving and put it in a slightly more interesting font when I remember how. In the mean time, welcome, welcome. Thank you for dropping by. Please feel free, no, feel actively encouraged, to pop in with your thoughts, musings, questions, concerns, worries or advice for each other. Myself and Galaxy Babe are currently the only two registered researchers on this page, but I want everyone to be able to contribute so if you'd like to join in please let us know and your id will be added to the list and you will have editorial control. Oh yes, you can add lists, links, pictures and other stuff to expand this little page into a giant, heaving beheamoth of noisy activity when any of us has any time to read it.

Look- a new thing. In the spirit of encourging people to share their experience, knowledge, wisdom and humiliations, here is my series of post columns on being a carer: I Couldn't Care Less

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