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Geoff Taylor - Life's Liver

I'm not going to do a list of video/record releases...

I ain't gonna spoonfeed people smiley - smiley

As for the " I think" kinda thing..... OK, I'll conform to the linguistic niceties imposed by H2G2. smiley - smiley

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This thread has been moved out of the Peer Review Forum because your entry has now been recommended for the Edited Guide.

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Congratulations smiley - smiley

The link above will tell you all about the further proceedings, and here's just the abridged story: next thing to happen is that a SubEd will receive a copy of the entry and give it some fine polishing. (Tip: You can use the search engine to look for that). After that, the copy will appear on your Personal Space with a 'pending' label, that is, it's ready and joining some 80-odd other entries in waiting for its appearance on the front page. You'll readily guess that all this will last, but the big day *will* come.

Have another smiley - bubbly !


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Hooray! I'm really pleased this got into the guide. I hope more peeps get into Hicks as a result.

smiley - cheers


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Geoff Taylor - Life's Liver

Ah... Happy Day smiley - smiley

Let the smiley - ale flow

smiley - cheers

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A toast to the master of clarity. Third eye squeegieing all round. Why is it that the good guys die and Cliff Richard and the Queen mum continue wasting air?

The Universe aint fair.

I so often find myself wondering *what* he would have said about George W, about the 'New World Order,' about US vote rigging, etc etc etc...

smiley - sadface

to Bill

smiley - cheers

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I've just read the truly excellent Entry and was all set to recommend it myself, but some other tasteful Scout has beaten me to it! A great piece of writing about a great man, richly deserving of its forthcoming place in the Edited Guide. Congratulationa! smiley - cheers

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