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A teenager playing a computer game
Gotta think quick. Like a game of Tetris.
- Jake Rodgers

This week scientists have claimed that computer games could possibly be used to teach higher

mathematics to teenagers. Is it time to accept that, despite society's fears over hours spent

sitting in front of a monitor promoting anti-social behaviour, it could be educationally beneficial? Can time spent bagging

zombies turn out useful future citizens? Or will we be left with a world filled with fat folk

with great thumb mobility?

Could we turn a trend to our advantage, and teach advanced concepts via the medium of gaming?

  • Have you ever experienced a beneficial effect after playing a computer game?

  • Do you think teenagers would be turned off if they knew a computer game was 'educational'?

  • Do you think that we should now accept gaming as a necessary part of growing up?

  • Ever come up with an idea for a great game that won't rot your brain?

  • Do you worry about the detrimental effects of gaming 'violence' (guns, war etc.) on youngsters?

  • Is the recent trend for 'brain training' games just a promotional fad?

  • As original gamers now hit middle age, is it time to embrace all aspects of gaming as a daily part of our lives?

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