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Have you ever wondered what things might be like if they'd taken a different course? How life would have turned out if you'd taken a right instead of a left?

Then this is the page for you! Simply add a thread at the bottom about the hypothetical situation of your choice, beginning with the words 'What If...?' and enlighten us all with your penetrating insights and conjecture!

Some Suggestions and Examples to Get You Started

Whilst personal 'what if's are fine, concentrating on famous situations will almost certainly produce a better response, if only because people are more likely to be familiar with the subject.


  • What If Carthage had beaten Rome?
  • What If Ripley had investigated the derelict alien ship instead of Kane?
  • What If Marco Polo had gotten lost?
  • What If Harrison Ford was still a carpenter?
  • What If Jimi Hendrix was still alive?
  • What If bananas were red not yellow?

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