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Infinite improbability step2

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Infinite improbability and its associate effects do cause problems in the resultant return to reality and the consequences thus caused. Hence the scientific assistant who was terminated by his own colleagues, was subsequently reincarnated using his own improbability discovery.

He was asked to redesign the drive so that it would not produce such abstract effects such as the materialisation of an otherwise innocent whale captured by the laws of gravity milliseconds after its own birth. Actually It has often been felt that had this whale survived another 2 minutes it would, by its own intelligence and quick understanding of an alien language without ever hearing or being taught it, would have solved the question to life the universe and everything and was in fact easy when thought of in binary being 101010, the assistant, after discovering this question to the answer, subsequently developed the computer relational drive’ and as never been heard of again, his final message was ‘so long and thanks for all the tea’. The design document he left behind showed that due to financial cuts had actually used a ZX Spectum with a 500,000 terabyte memory extension and created a semi aware computer, although rather slow and had some peculiar desire to have a discussion with a male human called Sinclair, could be convinced that its actual space time coordinates were different to its actual physical position, thus due to a then unknown force, now called ‘virtual binary persuasion’ could thus reconfigure the space and time to fits its programmed parameters.

To Be Continued!!

Infinite improbability step2

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Infinite improbability step2

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Infinite improbability step2

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