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Can some please explain why my personal space and any threads I put on h2g2 are in Pre Mod???

Even this one I'm typing, I've not been on this username since I was in Scotland way back in August 2007 and all a sudden, just because I changed a tiny thing like my email addy at my partners, it's moderated Why, Why Why?????

I've not had any emails explaining this, so maybe you could explain here, also I can't change my username/screen name no box to click onto in preferences all I wanted was to remove the ZZ's and if it's my username/screen name that breaks your house rules, well I can't change it and yes
>Life Is A Bi*ch<.
I've asked Lil even she don't know and she's an ACE..
Like I said I give up!!!!


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That was only posted ten minutes ago and I can see it, so I guess the mods are fast this morning. I've got not idea why you're on pre-mod, but I suggest you email the eds directly as they don't discuss moderation issues on site.

Good luck!


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cheerful pessimist

My post has been refered to the moderation team too! I cant understand why? No swear words, nothing vulgar or that would cause pain.

I just wrote a diary log.

I am not sure what being referred means either, do we get to see who complained about it?


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aka Bel - A87832164

You may find your answer here: A46464500

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