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hi smiley - smiley

i have been having a problem with an entry being pre-modded

i dont understand what is happening and hope you can look into it
a glitch in the system?
an actual moderation issue?
an actual yikester who keeps coming back?
this one entry being flagged to be pre-modded...

the message says that all my entries are being premodded but i know thats not so

and, because i recently experienced extremely heavy yikesing of my posts in a certain thread, i am concerned that i am being victimized by that same person again

and, finally, i think this is important because i dont think that that sort of thing should be allowed to go on just because h2g2's days here on the bbc are coming to an end...

smiley - towel i believe you all have my email address?
i am writing this question here because i cannont get a personal reply when i use the email addresses i have...
i would also like to say that posting this comes at a small cost to me because i know that those people can see it and will enjoy that i am having a problem

thanks smiley - smiley

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can anyone please shed some light on this for me

greatly appreciated

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

I have no idea why you have been moderated, and can only suggest you make small changes to your entry and see if that allows it to come back.

If you have already made recent changes to the entry, it is possible an old glitch is causing the page to be hidden, and would advise you to use h2g2 feedback if the above doesn't work.

h2g2.feedback AT bbc.co.uk


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ah okay
thanks Lil smiley - ok

so i emailed em but no answer so far...

i have heard it said not to expect anything over the weekend?
that always surprised me as i thought internet companies,
like any public service company (restaurants, hotels) work when the people "play"
and the internet never sleeps
in fact, is it possible that a site like h2g2 might get more action during off business hours?

anyway... the entry moderation is curious

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

You are welcome smiley - ok

It's the office staff who don't work weekends, but there is usually at least one Tech around at weekends in case of emergencies within the BBC blogs, not just h2g2.

That is why they rely on the outside Moderators to keep things ticking over until Monday morning. Hopefully the noohootoo will be more available smiley - smiley

lil x

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