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moderators quitting on the old site?

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i have recently, since the news of h2g2s disposal, seen various references to various posts/posters escaping what some thought might deserve to be hidden... i thought not much of it until i noticed it for myself seems there are some pretty smarmy postings on the joke thread http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/F16034?thread=76493&skip=15480&show=20 sure sure i know they get smarmy from time to time but seems its not being moderated like it was before whats up? shouldnt the bbc continue to honor this site as part of itself? i dont understand what is going on and i feel a little insulted and a little bit like being thrown to the dogs of course the jokes demean women the vag one in particular post 15485 is violent as well the one following it as well is not moderated...

moderators quitting on the old site?

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The H2G2 Editors

Hi fluffy. Nothing has changed on the moderation front as far as we know, it is still a priority for us. We should point out that the site is, and always has been, 'reactively' moderated. We do hide content ourselves from time to time, but we as Editors and the moderators themselves rely on users to alert any unsavoury activity. So please keep doing that. Cheers smiley - ok

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moderators quitting on the old site?

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