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At a loss

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

So...the profanity filter kicked in. Naturally I felt obliged to test it with a nickname which used, in asterisked form, a common word refering to sexual congress. Totally puerile, I know. The Mods predictably changed my name to the default 'Researcher 803114'.

However, on my personal space, I keep a record of my nicknames and their explanations (see U803114: 'The Nine Billion Names of Edward'), When I tried to add that one in, I got the 'Your entry contains a sweary word' message.

So - I took it out. But when I tried to save again, I still got the sweary word message. Looking over my old content - which has already been up there quite a while - and which is still there in it's unsaved form - I see I've got a 'smart[bottom]' and a 'gob[stuff that comes out of bottoms]' HOWEVER - even when I asterisk those, it's still unacceptable.

Anyone know what the problem word(s) might be? Or who I can ask for an official story? I'm intercourse up the bottomed if I can figure it out.

At a loss

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I'm not proficient in swear-words. So I'd try an iterated binary chop to locate the problem section. You can do it in a test entry if you don't want to risk damaging your current PS.

At a loss

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

I'm more proficient in profanity than I am with phrases like 'iterated binary chop to locate the problem section' smiley - winkeye - but I get the drift.

There'd be a problem, of course, if there were two sweary words in different halves. I could easily see myself getting into a right old fankle.

At a loss

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Dancer (put your advert here)

Do it like this:
1. Check one half.
* If it clears - all's well, if not - keep it on the side.
2. Check the other half
* If it clears - all's well, if not - keep it on the side.
3. Take all the halves you have and do the same with them, then with quarters etc...

shouldn't be too much of a hassle (though it would be a great feature to actually be told by the profanity filter what the problematic content is).

smiley - hsif

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