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Bab5 : Favourites anyone ?

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I would like to know which of the characters on Babylon 5 are your favourites.

Thank you in advance...


Bab5 : Favourites anyone ?

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Ambassador 'The avalanche has started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote' Kosh smiley - smiley
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Bab5 : Favourites anyone ?

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*hoarse voice* : If you write about Kosh you will die..... smiley - bigeyes

O.K.dokie, noted for future bio.



Bab5 : Favourites anyone ?

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Zathras (Unofficial Custodian of H2G2 Room 101. ACE and holder of the BBC Pens)

Difficult to say who is my favourite character. Perhaps because they seem real and I find the idea of having a favourite person diffuclt. Consequently a favourite B5 character is also difficult.

But my nick should give you a clue


Bab5 : Favourites anyone ?

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JAVAM - Muse of Complicated User Pages and Navel Contemplation

G'Kar - Without a doubt. Why? Best lines, best character development through series, best make-up...

Marcus anyone?

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Bab5 : Favourites anyone ?

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cafram - in the states.

Marcus has some fantastic one-liners, as do Ivanova and Garibaldi, but Lennier is my favourite. His evolution from the quiet, respectful and always subservient attaché into the ass-kicking quick-thinking 'sidekick' is great smiley - smiley

Bab5 : Favourites anyone ?

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Judging by the response you can imagine that it's a bit hard to decide on the next character(-study)...

I reduced the initial list to :

Michael Garibaldi
Jeff Sinclair(now that's a nice challenge...timetravel and all smiley - winkeye)
Lyta Alexander
Alfred Bester

Working on it but as I am suffering from RSI a bit at the moment, I won't be online much I'm afraid...


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