Running With Scissors

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The one of a kind 'Weird Al' Yankovic, accordionist musician extraordinaire, is once again on tour around North America. The theme behind his latest tour is 'Running With Scissors', taken directly from the title of his latest CD. Having heard the songs on the CD, I couldn't wait to get a ticket to this event.

Because Al wasn't going to be in my area any time soon, I managed to get a ticket to his
concert in Houston, Texas. From my slightly obstructed vantage point, I could actually see a pretty good amount of the show. All of the lights, bubbles, fake snow, lasers, the whole enchilada.

The concert was excellent. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this was more than it in many respects. One of the best features was that there was no 'dead air' between songs.
Whenever Al needed a break to change instruments or costumes, a pre-recorded video was started. These videos included valuable lessons (such as 'Never throw anything from the top of the CN Tower'), interesting interviews with other singers (Cher, Puff Daddy, etc.), and even a clip from his TV show.

The songs were great for people who were long time fans, and people who had never heard Al play before. He included old classics (Dare To Be Stupid, I Love Rocky Road, Eat It!), new
favorites (Grapefruit Diet, Germs, The Saga Begins, It's All About The Pentiums), and even a polka medley, just for fun.

At the end of the concert, I was thoroughly impressed, Al was tired, Al's piano player had
been shot four times, and the crowd went wild. I would definitely recommend this concert for anyone who has the opportunity to get to it. It is more than worth the thirty dollar ticket.
If you aren't a fan of 'Weird Al' when you go, you will be one when you come back.


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