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If poetry be the food of love, then... is that someone's stomach growling?

Yes, church members, it's Haiku time. Here is where we will weave wonderful words of weevil wisdom and probably all suffer for it later on, or perhaps even sooner. Please use this page to contribute your weevil-ish works of art.

The idea for weevil-related haiku was drawn from Sad, Mad or Bad's enlightening guide entry called "How to Write Bad Poetry". And she's not even a church member. Yet.

Now we all know how to write a haiku, don't we? Just to be sure, here's a clue for you, in haiku (I don't know who originally wrote it):

[copyright material removed by moderator]

Without Further Ado, Here's Some Weevil Haiku...

Nick O'Teen

Oh blessed weevils,
eat corn syrup and biscuits
and stop that pinging.


Hello Kensington.
You've been outside all day long?
Then who made this mess?


Weevils eat some things
but they do not eat others
Have they got taste buds?


Weevils are pretty
in a spiky chitin sort of way
Folk say I'm twisted


I like weevils I
Like weevils I like weevils
I like weevils LOTS


MarGin and syrup
the weevil cocktail diet
AND all the food groups


Partying weevils
must have spiked my drinks last night
with Christmas spirit

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