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Eternity (Ace)

AFF (Accelerated Freefall) training will put you in freefall from your first jump. You will pull your own ripcord, unless you are on such a buzz that you have forgotten that you need to stop yourself from falling at some point. Should this be the case you will have a perfectly capable instructor on either side of you with a ripcord within reach.

Instead of the 3500ft reached for the static line jumpers, you will be taken up to approximately 10000ft, and as you progress your opening height will decrease until you are finally opening at around 2500 - 3000ft. Your initial freefall will last for approximately 30 seconds.


The AFF course consists of 8 levels of increasing difficulty. Each level requires that certain tasks be completed in order for the level to be passed. You will jump with two instructors and a camera person for your first three levels. They will both hold onto you throughout the jump. By the 3rd jump one instructor will be holding on while the other observes from a short distance away.

Only one instructor will jump with you for levels 4 though to 7. Once the remaining instructor feels you are stable enough on your own he will begin letting go unless he feels his assistance is needed.

By your 8th jump, providing all levels have been passed first time, you will be flying solo enjoying the total freedom of the skies. In order to complete level 8 you will be required to complete a minimum of three solo jumps, ending with a hop & pop from around 4000ft with a five second freefall.

If you are looking for the biggest possible rush, this is definitely the option to go for. Your first 8 jumps will however cost you the same as your entire static line course from first jump to getting your license.

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