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Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 81

Icy North

I did suggest that back in post 3, Mr603. I think things went downhill from post 4.

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 82

Secretly Not Here Any More

It was a fine suggestion then, Icy, and it's a fine suggestion now.

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 83


No rules have been broken here. I don't think that the initial OP was a waste of time and I think that it has been interesting to read the contributions that have been made here.

For the record I broke off all contact with h2g2 offsite communications, um, well over a year ago, 18 months or so and don't engage in any other discussion than the ones that I have onsite and for me there are no other forums like twitter or facebook

I collected up what I had learnt from those experiences, prior to the change over from the beeb and the six months or so after it, looked at what could have been done differently by myself and what I thought should have been just done differently and let it go.

While I think I did make mistakes I *still* don't think that I was the one who was solely responsible. But that is all water under the bridge as far as I am concerned.

I post those above comments just in case anyone should infer that there is more to this than is going on here onsite because there isn't.

More generally speaking there have been a few notable researchers that have left not because of what was going on elsewhere but because of what was happening here

I cocooned myself by re-creating my little safe space (myspace) I daydreamed, focused on the community that surrounded smiley - thepost, have gained an amazing friend Willem who I talk to everyday.

While I did sometimes come out of that space and post in ask or on a community issue, much less. I no longer really regarded as part of a community but as a user of the site.

I have tried very hard to work on my online communication skills because communicating by text is very different and I feel that I am a little more skilled at it having done that and because of the experiences I have had.

I had also hoped that it might also allow people to see me, rather than way they had labelled me, I guess, if they cared to look. If it didn't, it didn't so be it. smiley - shrug

Despite my feelings this side of the keyboard, I have tried to be measured and clear in my responses. Tried to explain where I am coming from. I keep looking back at my posts to see if I am going really wrong and I think they are ok.

I certainly don't deserve a slapping.

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 84


and yes that was another Peanut simpost

I'll back off for a while now

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 85

SashaQ - happysad

Thanks Witty Moniker smiley - ok


Interesting... A post on that thread about how the information was eventually used might have been handy, but that does help with understanding where the Core Team got evidence from to support their plans smiley - ok

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 86

Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Not been spending much time on hootoo.

The highhanded "Ask aint the high street" from Patsey, in contrevention of obvious reality, reminds me why I got so tired of this place in the first place.

Tell you what, if you honestly think hootoo's problem is inappropriate general threads in ask at least I wont have to be disappointed when I pop around for too much longer eh?

#outtahere *


*Metaphorically of course, like all good flouncers i'll actually monitor this thread if only to tut and shake my head at the pious stupid responses.

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 87


I demand that 33 threads on "What's wrong with Hootoo" be opened henceforth and forthwith.

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 88


I´ve read the thread ShashaQ has linked. I can´t infer that there was a majority of users asking for a change, quite the contrary.

I think that the thread was opened with the idea of the change already considered.

It seems that one old saying from biased journalism can be applied here: dont let reality spoil your plans.


Post 89


This post has been removed.

Deathlist and Condolances threads on Ask

Post 90


This thread is proving negative and non-constructive. As such, it is now being closed to further comment.

However, please understand that it’s not that we are unwilling to discuss the issue, but that a discussion was already conducted. Happy Nerd polled users as to how they use Ask h2g2, and an overwhelming majority of respondents indicated they would prefer it be used for its stated purpose. People qualified to do so, took this relevant data to formal discussions, and then arrived at a conclusion. I think some people vastly underestimate the amount of discussion we’ve already fielded.

For those who were not aware of the prior discussion, we gladly pointed it out. It has been repeatedy asked that if anyone has a new, constructive suggestion, to please share it in the "Brainstorming" thread. Likewise, if someone has access to new data which we don’t, we’d like to see that.

When a discussion devolves into the same old arguments, it becomes a nuisance.

Again, please do suggest new ideas in the Brainstorming thread.

the h2g2 Moderators

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