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I went up to Peterborough this week. I had a lovely week. I travelled up from Ipswich by train. I even took my bike up with me. The train ride there was pleasant, I even ended up talking an old man on the way up. He was off to stay with his daughter in Scotland, so was changing at Peterborough. A really nice bloke, and we had a really
nice chat.

I went into all the pubs I used to frequent and saw people I used to know quite well. Caught up on old times, how things were going. Good conversation. That's what I enjoy about going up to Peterborough, you're almost always able to find someone willing to talk to.

I met up with a few members of my family who live up there. They hadn't seen me since the wedding, so gossip all round.

The week was quite and peaceful with pleasant conversation, often over a jar or two.So what's my beef this week?

That annoying little s**t who sat next to me on the train home who didn't seem to realise that personal stereos have the word Personal in their title for a reason.

So, to all those people out there who insist on having these things on very loud while sat next to some poor schmuck on an hour and a half journey by public transport,
'Turn the blooming thing down!'


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