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ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha1, Is the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Appreciation Society, you can find a ZZ9, H2G2 entry here. ZZ9 is a none profit making society, which is run by the members, for the members. Its survival depends on constant renewals of membership and new members (which are always welcomed and wanted), if you like The Hitchhikers Guide To The Gaxaxy and Douglas Adams, This is the most Hoopiest, froodiest thing you can be a part of. There is also a ZZ9 mailing list, for members only, so if your a ZZ9er and not on the list, then why not?.

The ZZ9, H2G2 Members List

People often wonder about other members of ZZ9 who are here on H2G2, so hopefuly here is a (incomplete) list of zz9, H2G2 members,

This list is in no particular order,

DNA Douglas Adams is an honery member,

Seagull's Lost Horizon This is me,

BluebottleThere is more to Bluebottle's name, but it depends on what day of the week it is



, being greedy, dop has two pages, Dop's old page

Editor #6 of the Project Galactic Guide







Dr St Justin, Patron Saint of Paper-Cuts, BF, ACE


Michael Notforyou

Tango - Guru




ix, possibly a member


, whose goes by the ZZ9 name of Lunzie Beeblefox

Lifson Kofie-Keeper, Muse, Zaphodista,(1-7+63-7-8=42),Thingite Webmaster,ACE, MuG.

VIP (very important Princess)

If you are a ZZ9 member and want your name added or would like me to add a link to a homepage, or if your name differs to that of your ZZ9 name and would like it added, or your name removed or anything, just say, although I'm not promising.

And Now We Come To The Ex-Members2

Das Mouldy Sandwich (OMFC)

Mina - Muse of Bondage [Guru/ACE]

the autist formerly known as flinch

Hazzy Bear


1As Frankie Howerd always used to say, If you've enjoyed it tell your friends2although I must say ZZ9 is a fantastic society and they really shoud think about re joining, however.......

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