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This bio re-written 22 Sept 2002.

Who We Are

This page belongs to a collection of people who just happen to be sharing one body. We describe ourselves as "Multiple". Until recently, this space on H2G2 has been the domain of Arhuaine who is just one member of our "Household" but now we are being more open about being Multiple, we are opening up this space to the whole group. There are about ten frontrunners, of whom some are otherkin (of sentient species other than human). Check out our Multiplicity FAQ.

Stockport in Cheshire is where we're at, just down the road from Manchester. We live in the suburbs with a husband, a teenage daughter, a dog and (currently) two Fancy Rats. Contrary to popular belief it does not rain all the time here. We do get half a dozen dry days a year, if we're lucky.


Here is an edited list of interests from my Livejournal profile. Makes for easily searchable keywords.

...80's music, angels, animals, anthropology, archaeology, art, blues, britain, celtic music, celtic mythology, celts, charity shops, classic rock, collabs, colours, costumes, crafts, creativity, cross stitch, daydreaming, dinner parties, dogs, dragons, drawing, dreams, dressing up, elves, england, faeries, fantasy, folk music, folklore, forests, green things, hiking, history, horses, imagination, journalling, learning, legends, magick, manchester, multiplicity, music, mysticism, mythology, needlework, paganism, painting, pegasi, philosophy, poetry, psychology, rats, red hair, reincarnation, roleplaying, science fiction, sewing, shamanism, shape-shifting, singing, spirituality, storytelling, summer, sunshine, synaesthesia, tarot, unicorns, walking, wicca, writing

Let me pick out a few of those for you.
80's music: Well what can I say? I was a teenager between 1979 and 1986. I grew up on bands like Marillion, the Police, Blondie. At the time, I pretended to hate the New Romantics, Duran Duran, Culture Club etc. Now, looking back, I kind of like that stuff too.
crafts: Any kind of crafts. Primarily I'm a painter, but I also adore cross-stitch, which is preactically paint-ng-by-numbers with thread instead of paint. The only drawback is that it's slow, and I don't have as much time for it (what with all these other hobbies).
dogs: My dog, Xena, rules my world. She's a 2-year-old Labrador-cross, who was rescued at the age of 4 months. Some prat had abandoned her on Princess Parkway (the busiest road in Manchester). She's adorable, and remarkably well-behaved considering that when I was trainign her I didn't know the first thing about training dogs. Desmond Morris's book "Dogwatching" is probably the best thing I bought. It's all in the psychology, you know. Having a dog has rekindled my love of walking; we walk anything between 2 and 6 miles a day.
elves: Anything elves. I can't get enough of 'em. Well why not, after all I am an elf, on the inside at least.
history: and related things... one of my biggest regrets is that I didn;t study history in further education. But knowing my luck it would have been 20th century history. My interest in history stops at the Battle of Hastings.
paganism: I've been a pagan for a lot of years now, and for a lot of those years I was wiccan. I describe myself as an eclectic pagan, mainly celtic-influenced, with a smattering of asatru and shamanism thrown in for good measure.
psychology: is something I've always been interested in, not least because I'm always interested in how my own mind works and what makes me tick. And what makes me freak out, sometimes. And of course Multiplicity falls into this category.
singing: For years and years I believed I couldn't sing. But I did, once, in front of a real-live audience in a pub (not karaoke, it was a folk-club). And I found that I actually enjoyed it, and people actually clapped, and actually asked me to sing agan the week after. That was about 8 years ago, and I still sing once a week at my local folk-club. And I still get nervous as hell every single time. Most of the time I sing OK but sometimes, just sometimes, my voice seems to hit a level of perfection that just blows me away. Moments like that are why I keep doing it.
synaesthesia: This is the reason for my obsessions with colour and music. Synaesthesia is a condition in which the senses are muddled. In my case it means that when I hear a sound, I also see a colour (or patterns of colour) in my mind's eye.
writing: in addition to journalling, I adore writing of any kind. I'm part-way through writing my second novel (my first one hit the waste-paper basket before it was finished).

Where do I find the time for all that lot? Well I don't work full-time, to begin with. And secondly I don't watch TV. If I didn't have a daughter, and a sport-obsessed husband, I wouldn't even OWN a TV. You should try that sometime.

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