A Christmas Carol for the Modern City

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A Christmas Carol for the Modern City by Pinniped

Ebenezer was a geezer.

All his clients were sub-prime

And wedded to a life of crime,

But even so he made his dough.


Hosanna for good measure!

A traders' life was full of strife

Back in those days; fewer Faces,

Never Porsches, duller braces.

You had to go to make your quota.


Hosanna for good measure!

So Dickens' baddie is our daddy.

Ebenezer was the first.

In worser days, he was the worst.

A pain in the rectum, we still respect him.


Hosanna for good measure!

Today it's sh*TTY in the City.

As bonuses go up in smoke,

And blue-chip bankers all go broke,

We’ll simply screw the poor some more.


(and maybe pick a pocket or two...!)

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