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A new Feature for the POST will be the possibility to send in any advertisements you may wish to publish. These should, of course, be purely h2g2 related! We will, hopefully, be setting up a convenient address to submit your items to but, in the meantime, please just email them to the editor. Unless otherwise specified, advertisements will run for 4 weeks.

Lonely Hearts

Lonely Presidential Candidate (20, male, TSOF1, blonde, 6') seeks supporters and campaigners, male or
female. Preferably aged between 0 and 130. Female models especially welcome.
Apply A379253

h2g2 Teeshirts!

The staff of h2g2 are pleased to announce the availability of h2g2 T shirts to any researchers who want to be the height of fashion this season. The shirts are available at the shop, where all sorts of other goodies await your perusal.

The shirts are available in a dazzling array of colours (black or white!) and three sizes.

New to h2g2: The Noticeboard

Visit The h2g2 Noticeboard to post all your requests, invitations, adverts etc, on a new page specially created by Titania, queen of elves


That's what I am talking about... There's a desperate need for a community of muses. Many of us are artists of sorts, or we claim to be creative geniuses. Whatever our artistic bent, our attitude is deserving of recognition, and our services are needed.

I plan to model this home for muses after h2g2's (Guardian) Angels, and will link to members of the MUSES FOR HIRE guild upon permission. Other links I plan to include are 'Things There Really Ought to be Entries On' and '...How Do I?' as well as a link to The Post(oftentimes inspirational in its own right... or is that write!??).

I hope an interest in this idea of mine (Claimer of the title: Muse of Song and Dance) grows, and I look forward to anyone who wants to drop a line or an idea at my site. You can be the muse of anything you want. Just start a new forum, and I will reply as promptly as a muse can.

Those of you interested should visit the Muse Site Here


If YOU would like to place an advertisement, please email shazzPRME

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