Losing IT. Finding IMP

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Losing IT. This implies loss of something, nothing in particular, the something being "IT" , though possibly unsure of what IT is.

What could IT be?

It could be the spatula. When we talk of actual possessions do we mean that they can actually in a true sense be lost? I'm sure if the object was lucid, it would know where it was. So just because you can't find it, must it be lost entirely? Do I care if i lose the spatula? If i'm making pancakes...maybe. Does the spatula really care? Perhaps it is relieved!

Losing IT, if the implied IT means something broader can fluctuate by IT's own will or your personal thought of IT. It condenses itself into many things, a state of being, a look forward, a look behind, steps that echo in your mind, your brain, perhaps they are walking/stomping on your grave, on your egg ,on your feet, on your glass enclosure. IT can be elusive, when you cannot pinpoint what IT is that is bothering you, what IT is that you lost.

There is the important question of whether you ever had IT to begin with.

So losing it continues on to this unbearable likeness sort of state, an incompleteness so very slippery with your tired thoughts. Post it notes lose their ability after a few applications just as well. But you alas are not a post it note, or perhaps you are. To all the post it notes reading this, if you're stuck, don't worry, the glue fades. And if you've already fallen,your glue all unsticky like, thats good too, for now that strip of stickiness on yourback perchance has the lint of a thousand men all crisscrossed into your inadequacy and inability to function in this reality. Sorry post it note.

Perhaps its only the word you lost.
If you lost IT (the actual term), you would be forced to write in paragraphs of semi incoherency about that certain thing that is missing. You would refer to it as something else? Perhaps the solution is to rename IT,IMP. IT=IMP. So the above title would be losing IMP. So now that you found IMP, what do you do now?

The Moral of the Story: If you can't find IT replace IT, or Get over IT. Whatever IT is...and remember Don't Panic!

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