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I have long been acquainted with a regular occurance in the night skies at this time of year. It can be a fantastic display of the most amazing 'space fireworks' ever to catch the imagination (clouds permitting!).

A fellow researcher obviously feels the same way as I do, as I have found this plea from him:

The Perseids meteor shower reaches peak activity on the
nights of Aug. 11/12 and Aug. 12/13. So we're recruiting
Researchers from across the northern hemisphere to take
part in a scientific survey by counting meteors on those two

Details can be found HERE, and
there is a link from there to the results page.

There is also a sign-up forum at the bottom of the main page. We need all the help we can get to really make this project fly!

Please try to check out the night sky for this brilliant display... you will certainly not be disappointed! Although the meteor shower seems to encompass the whole sky, if you know your constellations, then find Cassiopeia (The big 'W' in the sky), and look mostly in that direction... the constellation Perseus is close by, where the majority of the meteors appear to originate from.


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