Happy Fifth Birthday, UnderGuide!

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The UnderGuide is Five.

Happy Fifth Birthday, UnderGuide!

The UnderGuide is five (five!) years old this month. And it wants a playstation, Mariposa Barbie, felt tip pen set, those trainers that turn into rollerskates smiley - bigeyes, sing-along microphone (no, please no!), Coldplay's Death And All His Friends  smiley - erm, Transformers Movie Optimus Helmet, a gerbil called Gordon ... you don't want to know the rest.

Meanwhile, the UnderGuide's underlings are celebrating five years' worth of digging up those sometimes moving, sometimes ouch, sometimes astonishing, enlightening, eye-opening, brilliant or smiley - rofl-making pieces of writing that people give to h2g2 and that the Edited Guide can't welcome.

Happy Fifth Birthday, UnderGuide! And here's smiley - bubbly to more yet!

Having not celebrated birthdays 1, 2, 3 and 4 properly, there's some catching-up to do. See the above birthday list, but also there's a collection of responses, or tribute pieces if you like. One of the real rewards of reading and work-shopping pieces of writing online like this, in contact with the writers, is the stirring to write in response; in answer, in protest, in sympathy, in style, any kind of response. It happens spontaneously but there are pieces written especially for this occasion, and more, from anyone, are invited. Pick a favourite piece, write in response and post a link. That really would be a birthday present, we'd love it.

The Response Collection so far

MVP has been doubly inspired to Face in the Crowd and to GOYA
by Not Enough Time to Live Twice and La Quinta del Sordo. While dmitrigheorgheni dishes up (the very disturbing) Teddy the Avenger in reply to Fisi Crosses the Boundary.

Read the first responses in 'The UnderGuide Response Collection - page the first'

More pages are planned, and we'll publish a further selection in the
next edition or two.

And there's The UGBGPD

The UG Birthday Group Penny Dreadful, The UGBGPD for short. "...it was evening, on a dark and stormy night, in the library in the mansion of Rupert Springer, international media tycoon...

For more, see here. We're hoping for a Dreadful start on the 13th... It might be Dreadful enough to keep an eye on.

And finally

Many thanks to the UnderGuide's miners, polishers, Quality Assessor and Archivist - it's a time-consuming job to do well, and the time you've put in is appreciated. Many thanks to the UnderGuide's readers - there's not a lot of point to us without you. Many thanks to the Post that we work alongside and have let us have this space. Many thanks to the h2g2 Italics for putting up with us. And above all, many thanks to all the writers here - you make the gems we mine for.

Thank you!

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