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Great work.

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Orion >> Chief Calculator of Temperol Dynamics >> moon moaner

I enjoyed reading this greatly. It’s a very informative piece and is a great example of a personal insight into a subject which, in my humble opinion, makes h2g2 what it is.

Great work.

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BrummieChummie President of the Poor Childrens drunken Father's Fund and sole beneficiary

Thank you for this informative entry, I think I may need to see a doctor.

Great work.

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the autist formerly known as flinch

This is a great entry. It's good to see the guide finally letting first person experience enter the guide.

Great work.

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Kat - From H2G2

Thank you for your feedback both of you. Unfortunately the author of this piece hasn't been around in h2g2 for some time. Thanks for reading this piece though, I'm very glad you enjoyed and got something out of it.

H2G2 has let first-person pieces in for a long time. The <./>UnderGuide</.> is not "officially" part of the Guide. A team of people pick things out of the Alternative Writing Workshop (<./>Writing-Alternative</.&gtsmiley - winkeye each month to be put into the <./>UnderGuide</.>, as this piece has been. It is only the Edited Guide which does not allow first-person things in. Anything creative, of opinon, satire etc goes in the Alternative Writing Workshop smiley - ok


Great work.

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Thank you.
Benn offline for quite some time now due to wedding plans etc, but this is a nice surprise and thanks for all the feedback.smiley - ok


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DEAR TREADSTONE71 (Richard) !!!!! PLEASE E-MAIL ME ASAP!!!!MY NAME IS EVELYN please write [email protected]

Recently been diagnosed with KLS,READ YOUR POST SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE ME!
Had GREAT success with a combination of drugs,....YOU MUST CONTACT Dr Boeve at Mayo Clinic in Rochester!!!! This combination takes the spells away! Well, it has for ME,anyway.... (ps, i have rls,too!) I'm NOT SELLING ANYTHING, I DONT WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU, THIS IS NOT A HOAX !!! Its just that I've started reading stuff about kls, since my diagnosis, and a lot of things sound ALOT like me, but youre the first person I've heard of who sounds EXACTLY like me!!!! I cried when I read what you wrote. I've NEVER heard of ANYONE like me before!!!!!
AND I've had SUCH success with this combination of two drugs.... It seems weird to name them on the internet...
please write, and PS: CONGRADULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING (and 1 yr anniversary) May God bless you and your wife

Great work.

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Hi Treadstone71

Thanks for a very clear description of what is a very rare illness. It’s not surprising that most doctors have not heard of it let alone ordinary folk. I suspect that they would start thinking of Temporal lobe epilepsy or a sleep disorder

There must be some common dangers since “switching off” when crossing the road is dangerous smiley - yikes . I suspect you would have problems getting a driving license.

I’ve found some websites which might help.




The only UK site I have found is


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