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Okay, so I'm a little late to the party. I've been dipping into the site for a few minutes at a time for the last several months now, and haven't really had the time to go digging around for details about the changes that have taken place. So, a really simple question: Is Goo still available as a skin, and if it is, how do I get it?

Okay, you're right. Technically that was two questions.

I've really been trying to like the new skin, and there are things about it that are very nice indeed. But I really miss Goo!

If it's not available now, is there a chance that it will become available again in the future?

Right. So that was three questions. I'll stop there, shall I? smiley - run


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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Hi Broelan

What you need to do is to click on Preferences ( top right - blue tabs)

and then you will see Classic Goo is saved as your skin of choice. If you click on [update] you will be switched to goo.

Keep a bookmark of your personal space and you can re-enter anytime you like, and find yourself in goo.

Typing h2g2.com in the URL will bring you to a the default skin which is no longer Brunel, but Pliny. If you log out you will need to check the preferences again on entering the site.

hope this helps


ps We are committed to retaining the heritage skins as we develop the new site, so smiley - dontpanic


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As Lanza says, we'll be keeping all the skins.

When I came here Goo was the only skin, and I still prefer the way it looks. Pliny has become more functional, especially on mobiles, but Goo is Goo. The one true skin.

And it'll only disappear when I no longer have the keys to the code smiley - winkeye

And even then I doubt it'll ever go smiley - biggrin


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Oh yes, good to see you back!

How's it going?


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Thank you!!! I've missed my Goo!

Things going well on this end, although I'm ten times busier than I used to be so don't have the time to spend around here that I would like.

I know you've been busy keeping the hamsters fed and the place running, and you've done an awesome job! I appreciate your dedication to the site smiley - smiley

I hope things are getting a little more routine these days. How's it going with you?


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Not bad at all, steady job for good clients, good home life, and I've got the keys to the code here smiley - biggrin

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