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If only ...

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... more people were honest about their sex lives (or lack of them).

<> I heartily agree. I could be very tempted to send this article to my ex-boyfriend. He only became my ex two weeks ago and we are still on largely friendly terms. One of the reasons he gives for having left is an unsatisfactory sex life. Last week he said to me "We've had a brother and sister relationship for years" and whilst I cannot argue with that, part of me thinks 'what's wrong with that then?'

Life is quite complicated enough without having to worry about ones prowess in the rumpy departmentsmiley - erm

If only ...

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That's for sure.

This stuff is a bit complicated for blokes.
After a while, the brighter ones learn that the more demanding you are, the less you get.
Much later, and a few realise that it's another of those 'less is more' things anyway.

If only ...

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several, a/k/a random

one line i wish i had written is 'when a gal is gonna, she's gonna' and men 'co-operate with the inevitable.'
one line i did write is that 'i'd rather (lose/ never have)you as a lover, than lose you as a friend' that's gotten me both into and out of situations in the past.
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