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Please sign me up

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Dominik (Zaphodista, see petition A544943!)

Hi friends!

I also want to join the community!


Please sign me up

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Oh to be a member or the honorable house of GOO l must be.

Lemme In!

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O.L.S Whale [1-8+7+(3x7x2)=42] Quite disturbing in appearance, but harmless enough, I assure you!

One Large Sperm Whale

Hater of all things Alabasmiley - bleep

Lemme In!

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can i join also
when i started out, i did not know about the different skins, but when i got used to the guide i began to use goo
i would never go back, ever!

Lemme In!

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Researcher 178815

Congratulations Dominik, THE KID, One Large Sperm Whale and Galen! Welcome to the gooiest fan club on h2g2! smiley - biggrin

Don't forget there are badges available to put on your pages smiley - winkeye Hopefully more coming soon too - Thanks to Ottox smiley - smiley

smiley - footprintsaka (",)

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