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Why Worship Satan?

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Ive thought of satanism in a different way myself. Satanism is having an open mind. A Satanist values intelligence and strength over the common religious traits. After all, what good is a believer if hes intelligent enough to do doubt you?

In the genesis story, the Snake (Satan, Lucifer, Whatever you like) gives humanity the gift of understanding. He is the one who made us sentient. He gave us freedom.

But religion sees freedom as corruption. People are scared of change, and therefore see it as being wrong, or immoral.

Im going through a lot of changes at the moment. Its best to learn how to cope with them

Why Worship Satan?

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Lucky Llareggub - no more cannibals in our village, we ate the last one yesterday..

The question is "Why worship Satan?" and the answer is
that to worship is an absurd concept.

Why Worship Satan?

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anyone else around here detect a slight problem with this entry? it's called SATANism for a reason.. most of the true "old gods" were demons in the ancient greek sense - household spirits, divine protectors of every facet of creation and beyond. some were good, some were evil. but the Demon, as in "Legion" "fallen angels" et cetera, aren't even remotely related. sure, they share the same name, but that's because the christian faith sought to stop false worship of idols. smiley - wah
and if satanism existed before christianity as a faith then how come nobody SANE practices it? the majority are witches or mad. or in black metal bands.
the problem you seem unable to cope with too is that satanism isn't a religion like buddhism or catholicism (to which i belong) but it is a mere cult and its practicioners aren't sound of mind (non compos mentis)....
and to witter on even more, surely if it's satanism (SATAN, ARCH DEMON OF HELL) then doesn't that imply it's DEMON WORSHIP, not "old gods" but demons! y'know? smiley - ale
and before someone pipes up, yes i realise Hell is related to and old god - Hel, daughter to Loki Skycaller of the the "Vikings" mythology. and also to hades, but in the end their all the same as they, mostly, all have some goat thing with a crap beard and a billion billion burning souls.
despite this all...
nice entry, if a little (no, VERY) blasphemous, but kept to H2G2 standards of pointlessness...
we appologise for the inconveniencesmiley - wah

smiley - run

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