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Spiritual Satanism is a religion which involves worship of the Old Gods, psychic evolution, mental strength, and the ability to stand up for one’s self. The term “Satanism” has been used recently, or within the past 2000 years to describe some pagan religions, especially those with references to a "horned god". Most of these accusations were ungrounded and pagan religions, on the whole, contain little or no connection to Satanism. However, Spiritual Satanism has been around since the beginning of humanity, in the forms of Sumerian, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian cultures, to name a few.
Sumer is known as the first major civilization and the first to worship the gods. According to ancient Sumerian texts, the gods came to Earth to mine gold to save their planet’s atmosphere.¹ One god, Enki, created humanity and fought for their survival until the gods left Earth. Enki, meaning Earth’s master, was known as Ptah, the creator, in Egypt; he is now known as Satan.

-The Old Gods-
The gods are vital to a Spiritual Satanist. They guide and protect Satanists. Egypt is looked to more often than Sumer, probably because it is better known. The gods today appear the same as they did to the Egyptians thousands of years ago. It is safe to say all Satanists have felt Ptah, or Satan, as he is the ruler of the gods and is the reason Satanists turn to Satanism in the first place. All Satanists have guardians, which are either from Sumer, Egypt (or both), or other ancient religions. These guardians are the most intimately known to the Satanist and the ones turned to in times of need.
After the fall of Egypt, the Gods were cursed and labelled as “demons” in Christian/Hebrew texts. Among them are Enlil renamed as Beelzebub, Enki renamed as Satan, and Inanna renamed as Ashtaroth. Parts of the old texts were stolen and changed to suit Christianity/Judaism. Some examples are the stories of "Adam and Eve", the Flood, and Cain/Abel. Both of these will be explained in the "Sumer" section.
Enki/Ptah, the creator of humanity, was called Satan and a “fallen angel”. Enki/Ptah was seen by the ancients as a "Father" figure, and therefore was labelled the "destroyer of humanity" by newer religions to kill the old faiths which revered him. Soon after Rome accepted Christianity as the main religion, pagan temples were burned and polytheism was either "underground" or eradicated. Only recently have Satanists and others come "above ground". The Church of Satan, though mostly atheistic (meaning most of them don't believe in Satan but may believe in supernatural powers or the power of the mind), paved the way for Spiritual Satanists, by getting the word "Satanism" used in public. Joy of Satan is now the home of the Spiritual Satanist and the place to go for information on anything Satanic.

According to the Lost Book of Enki, and the research of it's author, Zecharia Sitchin, the gods came to Earth about 445,000 years ago. They needed the gold from our planet to save their atmosphere. They came in what were called by the Suemrians Winged Chariots. Their king's son, Enki, eventually was give the rule of Earth. His name means "Lord of the Earth". His original name was Ea, or "He whose home is Water". When he came to Earth, he, his sister Ninmah, and his son Ningishzidda worked on altering the genetic code of the primitive beings they found on Earth. When they finished, they found out the specimens couldn't create children themselves, but Enki impregnated two females and found that the children of them could mate. The children were Adapa and Titi. Two of their children were Ka-in and Abael. Over a water dispute, Ka-in killed Abael. He was tried by the council of the gods and exiled. Later, he was brought out of exile.
Years later, the orbit of the planet Nibiru, home of the gods, created a problem for Earth. It's gravitational pull created the ice on parts of the Earth to slide. Soon followed the Deluge. The gods went aboard their winged chariots and entered Earth's orbit. The Humans were left on Earth; the gods were forbidden to help them. However, Enki purposely let one of his Human children overhear him talking about it-he pretended to be talking to the reed hut wall. He told what needed to be done. Enki and Ninmah gathered the dna of all the creatures of Earth and gave them to Enki's son. He put them on a ship with his family and they were some of the few survivors. Other survivors had taken refuge on high mountaintops. The gods came back to Earth after the devastating flood and started the rebuilding process.

-Evidence of the Gods-
In Sumer, tens of thousands of years ago, they knew about the planets. Nibiru was called the 12th planet by Secharia Sitchin. The planets are described in the story of the gods' journey to Earth. There is no mention of the 10th or 11th planets. This is a table of the planets, taken from Sumerian mythology in the Lost Book of Enki. Venus and Mercury are not described because they weren't on the journey of the gods, as they stopped at Earth, but passed the otehrs.
*English*Sumerian*Sumerian Description*
Pluto -Gaga -"little Gaga"
Neptune -Antu -"blue"
Uranus -An -"green and blue waters"
Saturn -Anshar -"rings of color"
Jupiter -Kishar -"giant Kishar"
Mars -Lahmu -"red and brown"
Earth -Ki -"white at top & bottom, green & brown in between"
Venus -Lahamu -(nothing)
Mercury -Mummu -(nothing)
Also, the Asteroid belt was known. It was called the Hammered Bracelet. It was said to be after Kishar and before Lahmu. It was made of "rocks and boulders" and was the hardest obstacle the gods had to overcome to get to Earth.
In Egypt, the Pyramids are seen as evidence of god-like intervention. They are made of huge stones that would have been practically impossible for "modern" machinary to reproduce. They are situated on Ley lines, which are locations of energy vortexes and power. They are also alligned with the three stars on Orion's Belt. In historic records, leaders who visited them were said to have seen a glowing blue aura. Among them was Napoleon. Now the Egyptian government has lights illuminating the pyramids to drown out any glow.
Stonehenge is also baffling. As with the pyramids, no one knows how whoever made it got the stones there in the first place and what they're there for.

-Psychic Evolution-
Psychic Powers are things all Spiritual Satanists must know something about. Satanists practice telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy, astral projection, etc. Scientifically, these have not been sufficiently proved in labs, but in private experiences people have witnessed them. By people I mean most Spiritual Satanists. Opening and strengthening the Chakras also goes to empowering the soul. To the Satanist, psychic power is needed to survive and get to know the demons/gods better and develop a greater relationship with Satan. With all this, the ability to stand up for one’s self is very important. Satanists always defend their beliefs, though younger satanists may, at times, have to call Satanism by some other name to escape the torment of peers or the wrath of over-bearing parents who have been brought up to believe Satan is evil and the destroyer of mankind. (This is because they may be living with their parents still. Adult members may call Satanism by another name to avoid confrontation with co-workers. Some people may just want to keep it a secret.) Standing up for one’s self isn’t just physical or emotional, but spiritual. Other than the gods, there are entities, which are anti-Satanic, such as the angels (obviously), which seek the destruction of Satanists, Satanism, and Satan. Satan, in the beliefs of Spiritual Satanists, was not a fallen angel. He existed long before "Angels", in the form of Enki.

-The Stance of Spiritual Satanists-
Spiritual Satanists do not engage in ritual sacrifice or abuse. Many are environmentalists and into heathy-eating, including vegetarianism. They do, at the core, dislike Christianity and similar religions for the hatred and prejudice Satan has endured throughout history, but do not act violently towards people with differing beliefs. When confronted, most explain their situation and may get defensive, but they don't go around killing people who believe in "God" or "Jahweh". However, that doesn't mean they "turn the other cheek" and such. They will defend themselves if necessary and voice their opinions.
Spiritual Satanists do not participate in political/ racial groups as a whole. Each member has his or her own beliefs and this does not affect their being a part of the group. [For example, one person in, say, 1,000 satanists may be prejudiced (anti-semitic for instance); this has no meaning for the other 999 of them. The others may be completely opposed to these specific beliefs that one person holds, however, they are all satanists and unite in Satanism.] The leaders/ priests/ priestesses do not discriminate against new members or say there is a certain way people should be. There is no accurate count of the amount of Spiritual Satanists because currently the main way of communicating is through online forums for Spiritual Satanism, and many Satanists aren't a part of them. A few groups have upwards of a thousand members each. As of yet, there aren't any organised buildings/churches for Spiritual Satanists, although there are private ones for small local groups, which are set up by a few and are exclusive for their Satanist friends.
Satanism or paganism of any type, is controversial and always attracts critics and sceptics. Spiritual Satanists practice their religion for their own benefit and on their own experiences. Very little of what is done can be really proven unless witnessed personally, and even then it can be said it was "faked". However, Satanism is real and true to those who practise it. They believe in it and believe each other's experiences, mostly because they have experienced it (or similar) themselves.

Sumerian Gods: The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin¹
The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin
Spiritual Satanism: Spiritual Satanism by Maxine Dietrich

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