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What's Another Year? by Lucky Star

We hear it said year after year

'Doesn't time just fly?

Can't be 12 months since last Christmas

I've still so much to buy!'

So thinking back 365 days

And what has happened to me

I smile at all the miles of joy

And grimace at the gloomy

I'm grateful that my parents both

Lead lives that are fantastic

Although they're now equipped with hips

And knees made out of plastic.

So I'll help my Mum at turkey time

Set tables, clear away.

And spare a thought for those who miss

Their Mum and Dad today

I'm proud of what my siblings have

Achieved on different paths

I think it's great we're still good mates

And share so many laughs

I'm glad I flew around the world

To see my little sister

Dodged kangaroos and didgeridoos

To tell her how much I've missed her

I marvel how my kids have grown

Each day a little bolder

Wiser? Maybe. Trying? Surely!

And longing to be older.

The crazy things they've done this year

Dyed hair from reds to blondes

Kayaked and rugbied – won't it be lovely

When they win an Olympic bronze...

I cherish moments with my friends

Those nights of wine-fuelled giggles

Supporting, caring, advising, sharing

From crises to minor niggles

Would I remain so sane without

Their ever listening ears?

I know a shoulder's always there

To dry my glistening tears.

I slip into a reverie

Of moments with my sweetheart

Relive the bliss of each fond kiss

The torment when we're apart

And even though the future may

Be something of a mystery

I don't regret a single page

We've added to our history

So take a cup o' kindness yet

As this year's embers glow

And raise your glass and toast the past

With all its joys and woe

Tomorrow is another year

Hidden beneath the snow

I'll dare to tread the path ahead

Leaving footprints as I go.

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