The Post Christmas Poetry Competition 2004

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The  Post
Christmas  Poetry  Competition   2004

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Prose and Poetry Entries

The Great Hootoo Christmas Mystery by Recumbentman

Who took the turkey, the pudding and pies?
Whoever it was, it was not very nice.

The family sits in a puddle of gloom,
As aspersions are cast, back and forth, round the room.

The dinner's been stolen, some rotter has grinched it,
And somebody here knows exactly who pinched it.

Some B has been bad, bagged the bird, done a bunk
Some shady chai wallah or felonious monk.

O gosh! Not a single French bean on the plate!
There's a couple's been acting suspicious of late.

And what of Aunt Trillian? She looks a bit shifty.
She's gone a bit bonkers now, since she turned fifty.

Not Gnomon? Or Sho? Could it be that bald bloke?
What would he have done with it? Sold it for coke?

We're gobsmacked. We're stunned. Still, it needn't be missed:
There's plenty of booze, we can go and get provisions.

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Christmas Cheer by Dr Anthea

Chattering Christmas full of cheer
Chanting rhymes we wish to hear.
Seasons merry
And chocolates many
Wrappings empty far and near
Shredded papers laying tatterd
Cards on the floor all scattered.
Toys like racecars and a teddybear,
That new ragdoll with woollen hair.
A button nose and eyes so bright
When you couldn't sleep through the night
Running, skipping, wish for snow
If it shall fall I do not know.
Wanting ever a friendly smile
Or from the family to be a mile
When granny sings as merry as can be
The empty sherry reminding me.
Next year should not be the same
This festive sprit is to blame.
But when the turky is now done
And you watch the setting sun
You remember why it is
That you got into such a tizz
Christmas time is well and good -
Comes once a year as it should!

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In Times Of Trouble by roying

Christmas song
Prayer on a wind

Sails like a cloud
On a cold daydream.

Frail rose petals
On granite and stone

Blood stained cross
On rocks forlorn.

December gift
Wins hearts aplenty

Play and smile
In Christ's nursery.

Live and love
Fly like a dove

A child is born
In a land afar.

Christmas choir
Cherubic lyre

An old Beatles LP turns
All attics on fire.

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A Christmas Message by Khamsin

'Merry Christmas to one and all'
I hear again the Christmas call.
It is that time of year once again
Where we celebrate love unfeigned.

Ok so maybe we just buy lots toys
For all the good little girls and boys.
'Tis the season the season to be jolly
To think otherwise would be a folly

Hush now little child by my side
Please in stay, in you I will confide
The story of the first Christmas year,
It happened in a place not so near.

In a little town of Bethlehem
A gift was given unto all men.
Our Saviour Jesus Christ was born
No one there did laugh to scorn.

Born in a stable for oxen and cow
King of all but just a babe now.
Shepherds came to visit the babe

And a little lamb they then gave.

To represent what he would do
For both me, them, and even you
I ask you all the remember why
We celebrate this season high

I tell you all the angels raise their voice
Now you go away and make your choice
Whether to forget mine every last word
Or decide there is a message there to be heard.

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