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The H2G2 Assassin's guild
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Some brain-hurting questions posed by the Assassins


  1. What is the most appropriate weapon for coring an apple?

  2. What is the least likely thing to happen when someone blows out the candles on a

    birthday cake?

  3. Give five reasons why you shouldn't be invited to tea at the guild house after

    filling this in?

  4. Give 5 reasons why, after having received an invite, you should err on the side of

    caution and perhaps not go?

  5. What would you get a fellow researcher for their 21st birthday?

  6. What would you say is essential in a cake - perhaps a birthday cake?

  7. If you had a choice between taking a cream tea with someone you dislike and torture

    with thumbscrews which one would you prefer?

  8. Would you do my course work for me if it meant that you came out as the winner and


  9. When carving a pumpkin do you go for a scary face or something that won't cave in on


  10. Can you think of something better you could have done rather than answer


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