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I knew I'd get Mr.Burns... smiley - smiley


Post 2

Kandyman - Keeper of Old Buses

Aye Caramba! I got Bart. Eat my shorts, dudes. smiley - biggrin


Kand Yman becomes **Zippy Bananachuncks**


in RL I'm **Flunky Wafflebiscuits**


Post 3

Loup Dargent

Mr Burns... as conspiracy theories go, millionaires etc are more powerful than the President...smiley - bubbly

Bart is more popular than any president anyway...smiley - winkeye

[Exept if the President was Ms Buffy Summers of course.smiley - drool]

Loup d'Argent - Marquis of Night [back from wherever he was]smiley - fullmoon


Post 4

Post Team

Be afraid - very afraid - of 'Poopsie Liverbuns' smiley - rofl

shazz smiley - thepost

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