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Edited Guide Writing Workshop: A32381705 - Happy Tom Parker

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David Parker

Entry: Happy Tom Parker - A32381705
Author: David Parker - U9474987

We are still trying to find information regarding the end of Happy Toms' stage career and his further career with Lambeth Council.

A32381705 - Happy Tom Parker

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Hello David Parker!

Just a quick words to say that I've really enjoyed reading this – a fascinating piece of family history.

I see that this article has been in Peer Review thrice and both the Edited Guide Writing Workshop and Flea Market once – so can I ask what you hope to aim for with this article? Do you hope to attract attention regarding this entry to answer your questions about the end of his life? If so, I'm afraid I don't know any more about him than I have read here, but I do wish you the very best of luck.

If you wish to get what you have written so far into h2g2's Edited Guide, I am more than happy to help you with that.

I notice that other members of the Parker family have left messages beneath this article, which is fantastic.

Hope to hear more from you soon,


A32381705 - Happy Tom Parker

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David Parker


I do wish this piece to go in the guide. Is it possible to edit it after it has been accepted?

I look at the article as a piece of Music Hall history as well as family history, Is it possible to put pictures in h2g2 now, as I have some pictures of "Happy Tom".

Thanks, in anticipation, for any help,


A32381705 - Happy Tom Parker

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I feel that this has a very good chance of getting into the Edited Guide - but for it to do so, it would need to be in Peer Review rather than the Edited Guide Writing Workshop.

Peer Review is for finished articles, so if you are still doing research on the article, you can leave it here for now until you are ready to submit it to Peer Review. If you feel that this article is finished for now, but you may, if you learn more about him at a later date, wish to include more information later, you can always submit it to Peer Review now and, when you have discovered more, do an Update - see A87727936 for more information..

While an article is in Peer Review, we do suggest that you regularly check in on the conversation, maybe once or twice a week, so we know that you are still working on this.

Pictures can be used to accompany an article, but normally only after the article has been accepted from Peer Review. Pictures have to be original - not a copyrighted picture owned by another organisation or individual (who could potentially sue). I'm not entirely sure about copyright regulations (or how it affects photographs potentially taken over 100 years ago), but private photographs of Tom at home with his family are perhaps more likely to be free of copyright restrictions than publicity photographs, theatrical images etc? We can find out more after your picture has made it through Peer Review.

Hope this helps,


A32381705 - Happy Tom Parker

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David Parker

Thanks for those comments and I will try putting in peer review.

The photos are professional ones but were originally my grandfathers. By professional I mean taken by a professional photographer. They are sepia prints which I have digitised and filed on my family file.

Thanks again,


A32381705 - Happy Tom Parker

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David Parker

Hi all,

Please advise how I transfer this piece from edited guide to peer review?

Many thanks,


A32381705 - Happy Tom Parker

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Gnomon - time to move on

You'll have to first remove it from the Edited Guide Workshop.

I think the following will work. Try it.

First, click on this link:


This should bring you to the "Alabaster" view of the Edited Guide Workshop. At the bottom you'll find a list of entries in the workshop. Click on the word "Remove" beside your entry in the list. This should remove your entry from the Edited Guide Workshop.

After that, press your "Back" button a few times to get back to this conversation, then submit the entry by clicking the "Submit for review" button on the Entry itself.

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