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Did I Leave The Iron On? by Greebo T Cat

Several A/K/A Random's 'sporting blues'

Well, and let's see, Amsports fans, what do we have here? Vijay Singh winning his eighth golf tournament and breaking Tiger Woods' 2000 winnings record? The third week of AmFoot, or the final week of Major League Baseball's regular season?

Of course not!

A 40-year-old computer software engineer has successfully completed a 11,741 mile baseball odyssey to visit each and every MLB park this summer. Beginning April 21 Charlie Hamilton pedaled his bicycle across the US and back, finishing up Sunday in Boston's Fenway Park, near his Massachusetts home, having visited all 30 parks in 27 cities, beginning in Georgia, heading through Florida and the American southwest before summer's heat struck, up the Left Coast and back across the midwest. That's a week short of a full six-month bike tour and he raised some $13,000 for the Dana-Ferber Cancer Institute for research and treatment. Hamilton commented:

'It's totally out of character, I have always gone to work every day and all that kind of stuff. This is my mid-life crisis.'

There was no immediate comment from his wife, who had asked him over the winter:
Well, what do you want to do this summer?

So, back to baseball itself. The coming weekend's games wrap up the regular season, with the San Francisco Giants at the Los Angeles Dodgers' Chavez Ravine ballyard the key matchup in the National West and wild-card race, along with the California Angels at the Oakland Athletics for the American West playoff berth. Some eyes will also turn to Chicago, where the Cubs face the NL East titlist Atlanta Braves at fabled Wrigley Field. The Giants can get in two ways - by beating the Dodgers for the West title, or fending off the Cubs, who must have a better record than either LA or San Fran to gain the 'wild card' playoff spot. Although Boston's Red Sox could fall apart and still lose the AL 'wild card' to the West runner-up, the only real races are to be played out in the west.

In Amfoot, six teams remain unbeaten in the eight divisions. A curious sight in Miami Sunday night, where the Pittsburgh Squealers-Dolphins game was played out after the very worst of hurricane Jeanne swept through the area, causing million$ more property damage. But hey, who cares if your house was destroyed, there's always football... don't have electricity? Hey, the game's on the radio!

This weekend's games to watch appear to be unbeaten New England at rival Buffalo, the Noo Yawk Jets at soggy Miami, and the real shoot-em-out in Jacksonville (provided they don't get flooded out by the next storm) with the Jaguars hosting the one-lost Indianapolis Colts in a defense-offense showdown. The unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles travel to one-win Chicago in a grudge match, while the Squealers dry out, hosting the Cincinnati Bungles in another rivalry game.

Anyway, Vijay Singh did win the golf tournament in Pennsylvania and ha$ earned $9.4 million dollar$ this year, topping Woods' $9.2 million$ in 2000 record earning$ with four tournaments left to play. The way Singh has played of late, it's a good wager he'll top $10 million for 30 events, while Woods set the standard in twenty tournaments.

So that's another AmSports wrap - but for this one note : sports mega-network ESPN has announced plans for a European cable-and-satellite channel, two months after announcing ESPN-Britain. Hopefully, they both will carry women's beach volleyball for Egon's 'Insomniac' column in future Posts. Over and out!

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