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The leaves are just starting to turn colour, on the edges.

The corn and the soybeans and the vegetable garden isn't gonna grow much further. Peppers are about to spill seeds, and two zucchini's is one too many. I plant one and get five.

Kinda like the sunflowers.

The sun is setting a little earler each day.

I had best change the hummingbird nectar in the feeder; and keep an eye out. They'll be back here soon and need feeding after their 50-mile trip across Lake Erie, on their way further south, to stay warm.

I wanna hang a hummer feeder outside Debby's window for the pair-of-keets and hear what the boids have to choip about then.

It's gonna be beautiful here, halfway between Nowhere and Somewhere. By now, the briars and brambles in the woods won't be jumping out to grab me and I can spot the paths the deer use to get to that fir-tree 'hideout' they use.

Even the few coyotes just circle around there; must be a big buck with real sharp antlers that still knows about that place.

And the beavers, too. They're not like the busy ones in the Post Office; these are slow and methodological, deliberate, re-re-repairing their lodge upstream.

Nasty not-so-little b***ers, beavers are. You hear a 'phwap' and everybody a quarter-mile around knows there's something out there one of 'em don't like. Any critter that can fell a six-inch-round tree gets MY attention.

Yeah. It's about time for a walk in the woods. High-top boots and (ugh!) long pants and I'll mark MY spots in the woods, to sit and watch, think and wonder... or just sit and stare.

Sometimes that last is the most important part.

All of a sudden, that one little piece turns over and clicks into a place you never dreamed it would fit, and it's piece of sense... or a scent of peace... in whatever puzzle that Life, the Universe and Eveything can be.

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